Small Businesses And Startups

When it comes to marketing your small business or startup, you have BIG CHALLENGES:

  • Building your brand and attracting new clients with a small budget
  • Limited marketing expertise
  •  An overflowing to-do list

Fortunately, I can help on all three fronts…

I offer a menu of writing services that allows you to pick and choose the options that address your needs, in a package to fit your overall budget. This ensures the price is always RIGHT!
Perhaps you don’t have the expertise to write polished business marketing communications or high converting sales content. And why should you? Your focus should be on doing the business of your business.

Even if you do have the necessary skills, that just means you have to jam one more task into your already WAY overcrowded schedule. And your time is likely much better spent concentrating on running your business.

Regardless of your situation, I’ve got the expertise and the time. I’ll write print and digital media content that will build your brand, sell your products and services, attract new clients and increase your profits – putting more cash in your coffers.

Questions about my writing services? Visit my Services page. Ready to hire me? Give a call: 310.466.7893 or shoot an email:

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