Marketing Agencies

To say your clients can be demanding may just be the greatest understatement of all time.

As such, flexibility, speedy turnaround time and quality work are no doubt the primary traits you seek in a freelance copywriter. All these, I DELIVER. I produce sterling first drafts that will more than satisfy your clients, and submit them on or before the stated deadline – all for a reasonable price.

I’ve worked as a freelance copywriter for general service marketing firms, marketing agencies serving specific industries (law, accounting, real estate) and small businesses.

I’ve handled projects ranging from traditional print media (PR, brochures, marketing collateral and direct mail campaigns) to online digital media (SEO website content, business blogging, email marketing campaigns and social media marketing).

Questions about my writing services? Visit my Services page. Ready to hire me? Give a call: 310.466.7893 or shoot an email:

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