Who I Work With

Your business is unique. It may bear similarities to competitors in your field. But like a snowflake, your business’s distinctive attributes make it unlike any other in your industry.
Fully aware of this fact, I tailor my services to your business’s individual service needs and budget limitations.

Primarily, I work with…

Real Estate Professionals + Attorneys + Accountants + Financial planners
As a Professional Services Provider in any of the areas referenced above, you face similar challenges marketing your business and attracting new clients. And this is true whether you’re running your own business or you’re part of a larger firm.

If you’re running your own business – you fall into the trap that snares all small business owners: too little time and too few resources.

If you’re part of a larger firm – you’ve likely discovered your employer is heavily invested in promoting their brand. But they’re not all that interested in promoting you as an individual.

In either case, developing your brand – defining what makes your business unique and superior to your competition – is the key. I’ll help you establish a voice and craft a uniform print and online digital media presentation that highlights the benefits of working with you—and all that your experience and expertise offers. All of which ultimately solidifies your brand.

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