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You might have the most stunningly beautifully and intuitively designed website in internet history. But without compelling, engaging and easy to understand content, it’s useless. A pretty face with no substance underneath doesn’t hold interest for long.

And that’s a shame, because your website is your most valuable marketing tool. Your website is most people’s first introduction to your business. Where do you send a new prospect? Where do referring clients send interested parties?

This is where I come in. I’ll write content that welcomes prospects and clients through your virtual front door, invites them to have a seat, offers them a drink and tells them the captivating story of your business.

Specifically, my content will…

  • Identify your client’s pain points
  • Explain exactly how you’ll solve their problem and alleviate that pain
  • Emphasize the core benefits of working with you
  • Motivate prospects to take the next step with a persuasive Call-to-Action
  • Deliver all of this in concise, conversational and easy to understand language

More questions? Ready to hire me? Give a call: 310.466.7893 or shoot an email:

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