Social Media Marketing

Do you know how many businesses don’t use social media? I’ll give you a hint: Very few successful ones.

It’s no longer a question of “should” your business be involved in social media. It’s a question of “how.”

The trick to mastering social media marketing for your business is not to treat it like a one-way, broadcast channel (it’s not another advertising platform). Instead, treat in like a “social” medium (which it is) and take advantage of the opportunity to: Connect, Acquaint, and Engage with your prospects and clients. Present the living, breathing, “we are human (and not mindless automatons)” side of your business. And respond in kind to prospects and clients, treating them like…well…REAL PEOPLE. (Now there’s a novel concept in business.)

Confused about how all these moving parts fit together (and how to pack one more task into your already overloaded schedule)? No worries. I’ll help you…

  • Devise a customized strategy (no, “everyone else is doing” isn’t good enough)
  • Determine which platforms are ideal for your business
  • Adapt your brand to those social platforms and launch the various pages
  • Create a content calendar

Write messages, create images and curate links to keep your various page feeds filled.

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