Sales Letters And Direct Mail Campaigns

Nearly 90 billion (that’s right, “B” as in BILLION) pieces of direct mail were sent in 2013. Over 40% of recipients try a new business after receiving direct mail. Businesses that invest in direct mail spend an average of $167 per customer for an average return of $2,096.00 on goods sold.

Clearly, direct mail is still a potent marketing tool. But it’s also one of the toughest to master. Commonly known as “Salesmanship in Print,” an effective sales letter must present your message in a concise and compelling manner, while answering all objections and assuaging any fears.

And an initial inquiry letter is often the first domino in a long series. From there, reply cards, free reports and follow-up inquiries draw recipients through the sales funnel from prospect to paying customer.

I’ll help target your ideal clients with laser-guided efficiency. Write a letter that demonstrates how your products and services fulfill their needs and wants. And lead them right to you, cash in hand, with an irresistible Call-to-Action.

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