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“Print is dead!” It’s a popular refrain of late. But if you look at the statics and consider the reality of today’s business landscape, you’ll realize the reports of print media’s demise are much exaggerated.

Think for a moment about all the businesses you come into contact with. How many have brochures? Just about all of them, huh? Of course! Prospects and clients want something tangible they can get in their hands (literally – pun intended), thumb through, and stash away to read again later. A brochure offers this tangibility in the form of an invaluable business promotion tool.

I’ll write a concise, compelling brochure (even something even as simple as a tri-fold brochure can do the job) that represents your brand, explains who you are, how you can help your clients, and the benefits of working with you.

Sometimes flyers are the perfect format to market your message. Big enough to incorporate your branding, communicate your message – make an announcement, promote an event, tease the launch of a new product or service – and close with a strong Call-to-Action.

But small enough to fit on single sheet of paper. And cheap to produce, not to mention easy. Heck, if you’ve got a color printer, you can run off a big batch yourself.

Plus, they’re tangible. You can post them or hand them out in the community you serve. Slip them into a letter. Or attach them to an email as a PDF.

But don’t be fooled by the simple format and ease of production. The written communication necessary in a flyer requires just as much thought and consideration as any other print media marketing. I’ll write and design a flyer that represents your brand, conveys your message in a concise and compelling fashion, and reels prospects in with an irresistible Call-to-Action.

When it comes to easy and inexpensive methods of keeping in touch with clients and prospects, there’s nothing better than postcards. The condensed format, however, actually makes effective communication even more challenging.

But I know how to strike a balance and make marketing messaging work in a limited space. I’ll present your brand, convey your message and compel recipients to act, all in one tightly crafted postcard.

Print Ads
The print media game has completely transformed in the last 20 years. But despite the rising cost of print ads and the declining circulation of most print media publications, an ad in a well-targeted publication can still resonate with and convert your ideal prospects into paying clients.

And I’ll make sure your ad connects with your prospects by crafting an attention-grabbing headline, convincing and concise body copy, and a strong Call-to-Action.

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