Ghost Blogging

Want to attract new clients, engage with existing clients and increase your website’s search engine optimization – all at once? Then you definitely need a business blog.

By publishing valuable content – critical industry analysis, how-to tutorials, top 10 listicles, etc…– relevant to your prospects and client’s needs and wants, you can sell without selling.

And by regularly publishing fresh, keyword rich content targeted toward your ideal customer, Google (and other search engines) steadily shoves your website’s ranking closer to the top of their search results.

But who has the time to blog? Shouldn’t you be focused on doing the business of your business? Of course you should!

No worries, I can ghost blog for your business. I’ll research topics. Write the content. Format the material (there’s a definite science to blogging, if you want prospects and clients to actually find and read your content). And publish the posts – for you.

More questions? Ready to hire me? Give a call: 310.466.7893 or shoot an email:

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