You’re busy…

Running a business is a full time affair. Oh no, not Monday-thru-Friday 9AM-5PM. More like 24/7. 365. And it forces you to wear way too many hats.

As a business owner, you’re everything from CEO to janitor (and all positions in between). And as a marketing manager, you’re constantly wrangling budget and managing schedules, while babysitting employees and hand-holding executives.

You just don’t have the time, inclination, aptitude or staff to write marketing content.

But you’re savvy enough to know that (a) marketing is the key to growing your business, and (b) well written marketing collateral fuels effective marketing. 

That’s where I come in.

I write compelling, benefits driven content (for both print and digital media) that (a) tells your business’s engaging story (there are no boring businesses, only boring marketing); (b) creates an emotional connection with prospects and clients (by identifying their pain points and illustrating how you can help); and (c) highlights the benefits of working with you (because you work hard to be the best a what you do).

For nearly two decades I’ve used these techniques to help real estate professionals, attorneys, accountants and a variety of small businesses and startups build their brand, attract clients and sell their products and services.

Ready to tackle your next marketing project?

Website content criminally out of date? Social media pages left untended so long their growing weeds? Last blog update posted during web 1.0? Keep hearing about this “email marketing” thing? Brochure lasted updated on a Gutenberg Press? Last direct mail campaign distributed by Pony Express?

You’re CLEARLY long overdue…

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