He’s Crazy… Crazy Good! Or a Lesson in Superior Customer Service…

new car

Everybody loves buying a new car!

Well, everybody loves zipping down the street, marinading in “new car smell,” whilst stroking supple leather and rocking out to the satellite radio (courtesy of the free year long subscription your new ride just happen to include).

Conversely, nobody likes the car buying process. Or more specifically, nobody wants to be “sold” a new (or used) car.

There is no more enduring trope in all the annals of commerce than the smarmy, pushy, obnoxious car salesmen.

And no industry is tougher to navigate than the car biz… Prices are, apparently, entirely discretionary. “Sticker price” is merely a “suggestion” and closing a transaction is a game of who can get away with more. Or less, depending on which side of the deal you happen to be on.

Of course, the higher the prices, the more commission based sales staff earn. Which incentivizes them to not only drive up the prices as much as possible, but also tack on as many “extras” (I mean, what the heezy is “under body coating,” can anyone tell me??) all for the buyer’s “protection.” Meanwhile, such extras are largely an unnecessary waste of money.

Clearly, the Entire Car Buy Exercise is Complete NIGHTMARE

And as luck would have it, this tortuous periodic ordeal recently visited my happy home… Wifey’s recently finished up her 2nd car lease.

Previously, she’d only bought used cars, always angling for “the best deal,” which she usually managed to nab. But the allure of a “brand new car” and the tax deductions leases offers lured her in. But due to inexperience in the leasing game (which we’re both unfamiliar with), she wound feeling cheated in both prior transactions…

After the fact in both go-arounds, she discovered she could have put less down AND made lower monthly payments. But twice in a row, savvy salesmen took advantage of her naivete.

But this time around, she was determined to do things differently

Enter The “Car Guy”

A client of mine has long extolled the virtues of his “car guy.” For nearly two decades, the client has used this car broker to purchase cars for himself and his entire family, which includes his wife and four kids. He’s also referred him out to countless friends and extended family members.

But his referral always comes with a caveat…

“He’s good, but he’s crazy…”

And when I asked for brokers info, I received the same admonishment.

“You have to know EXACTLY what you want,” my client added gravely.

Good Customer Service Doesn’t Mean the “Customer’s Always Right…”

In other words, this broker is NOT the “car guy” that helps you sift through 30+ car options. Rather, he’s the broker the helps you get the VERY best price and VERY best terms possible on whatever you decide you’d like to buy.

And he more than delivered for my wife. But the transaction wasn’t without a little friction… “He’s CRAZY!” noted my wife after one early exchange.

He couldn’t fulfill her exact request, but found two very similar alternatives. In the meantime, she came up with another option. When she suggested her alternative, he dropped the velvet hammer: “Test drive the two cars I lined up FIRST.”

As miffed as she was at being admonished, her frustration evaporated upon arriving at the dealership for her test drives…

The allure of Personalized Attention

A handsome young salesman met as she stepped out of her car. Charming and sociable, he took her on a test drive in each of the cars the broker had identified.

No hard sell. No pressure. Just test drives, a quick follow-up Q & A, and she was on her way.

Ultimately, she asked the broker to pursue her alternative option. And in less than two days later, she met the broker and took delivery of her brand new car — exactly what she asked for!

With a fist full of Altoids mints and mini-hand sanitizer (courtesy of the Car Guy, her new best friend!), she was on her way, marinading in new car smell all the way home.

And best of all, she made the deal putting less down and securing lower monthly payments than on either of her prior leases, and all for a nicer car.

So What’s All This Got to do With Your Biz?

The experience the Car Guy delivered is an example of Superior Customer Services. It’s the reason he comes so highly recommended. The reason he generates so much repeat business. And the reason he turns so many satisfied clients into evangelists, singing his praises to any and all willing to listen.

Customer Service — It’s Not the Cherry on Top… It’s the Whole Enchilada!

Far too often, customer service is treated like the cherry on top of a gorgeous sundae. Sure, it’s a pleasant garnish that adds a sweet aftertaste. But it’s merely an afterthought that looks nice.

The truth is, however, customer services is really the whole enchilada!

In other words, all the hard work you’ve invested on the path to earning a customer (the first half of the effective marketing equation), is worthless without customer services.

Because once you’ve earned that business, how well you care for your customers determines whether or not you keep their business, how much repeat business you generate, and the number of referrals you generate.

And rest assured, not a SINGLE customer is impressed by how you won their business. You offered the ideal solution to their problems, and that’s why they’re working with you. Nothing more. Nothing less.

But exceptional customer care is how you ensure they not only remain lifelong clients, but sing your praises to prospects far and wide!

Want to Generate Insane Loyalty + Massive Referrals?

Take a page from the Car Guy’s book and make Customer Service JOB ONE. Not entirely sure what that looks like for your biz? Drop by my Google+ page and let’s have a chat — I’ll point you in the right direction.