How to Craft a Mission Statement That SELLS!


You’re in business to make money, right?


And there’s nothing wrong with earning some coin (or even a lotta coin) off your craft.

Now, that’s not to say you’re strictly in for the crass pursuit of profit. Undoubtedly, your ultimate goal is to serve your clients. In fact, your business is likely built on using your talents to help your ideal clients solve their problems.

In other words, helping your clients is your MISSION.

But how do you communicate that to your prospects?

Well, that question brings us to the crux of this post: How to Craft a Mission Statement that SELLS.

But before we dive into the dirty deets, let’s make sure we’re on the same page…

What Exactly is a Mission Statement?

In short, it’s a pledge of service to your clients.

What’s the Value of a Mission Statement to Your Business?

A well-crafted Mission Statement can grab ahold of your ideal clients’ heartstrings and yank, HARD. So hard, a resonate pledge can transform an interested prospect into a paying customer.

But There’s Dark Side to this Mission Statement Business…

Not to get all ominous on you, but a mediocre or poorly constructed Mission Statement is actually bad for your business…
At best, a mediocre Mission Statement inspires indifference. Which certainly doesn’t help your cause. And, at worst, it can turn a well-qualified prospect away from your business. Quite likely, for good.

So, the question now is: How do you craft a Mission Statement converts ideal prospects in paying customers?

Well friends, here are three strategies that will help you ring the register with your Mission Statement!

Start With Your Purpose (NOT Your Practice)

I’ve blabbed a LOT about WIIFM (What’s In It For Me) Syndrome in the past. And you can be sure it applies to your Mission Statement, too.

Prospects don’t care about what you do – they care about what you can do for them. In other words, what’s your purpose?

Tech support provider, New Your Computer, gets right to the point with their concise Mission Statement: “Treat Every Customer Like Your Own Mother.”

IT “geeks,” are infamous for their lack of compassion toward those less than tech-savvy. Of course amid computer frustration, the last thing you want is a barrage of condescension from an exasperated tech support operator.

New York Computer turns that archetype on its ear. Their “geeks” promise to lavish the same patience and care on their clients as they’d bestow on their nearest + dearest loved one – dear old Mom!

Keep It Short

If you can’t nail your Mission Statement in three sentences or less, you’re in trouble.

First of all, the longer your Mission Statement, the less likely prospects will actually read it. Never mind remember it – And that’s the REAL key.

Truthfully, a torrent of paragraphs cascading down the page is more likely to fog up your message than promote your cause.

And secondly, I GUARUNTEE a long Mission Statement will wind up filled with more hype about your “practice” than your “purposes.” And as we learned above, that doesn’t serve your Mission.

Your best bet to draft a Mission State that REALLY nails it? A short, punchy proclamation that succinctly defines your KEY PURPOSE!

The Best Mission Statements Come From The Heart – YOUR Heart

It’s tempting hire someone else to draft your Mission Statement. And as business writer, I’ve been tapped a few times to write a company Mission Statement.

But a Mission Statement isn’t about crafting some extravagant purple prose. It’s about defining your core business purpose. And only YOU can make that call.

It’s fine to seek editorial help from a pro. I’ve certainly polished up the language on a few Mission Statements. But if you want your Mission Statement to “ring true,” the sentiment MUST originate from you.

So, What’s Your MISSION?

Having trouble crafting your biz Mission Statement? It can be a LOT harder than you might think… If you’re struggling, swing by my Google+ page for a consult!