Grit and Grind… The Path to Long-Term Marketing Success


If you follow the NBA at all, you’re well aware the finals begin TONIGHT.

Yup, it’s the third year in a row of The LaBron’s (AKA the Cleveland Cavilers, led by superstar, LaBron James) versus the Golden State Warriors (led by 2-time league MVP Stephen Curry + former league MVP Kevin Durant).

But this isn’t a story about two teams at the pinnacle of success. Stella teams led by three penultimate superstars in the prime of their respective careers.

No, this is story about a player at the opposite end of that spectrum…

This is a story about Vince Carter. Once a great play, famous for… Hitting clutch shots (many game-winning) … Throwing down vicious dunks (he won the 2000 NBA Slam Dunk Contest) … And earning his way onto 8 NBA Allstar teams.

19 Seasons + 40 Years Old…

But Carter, in professional sports terms, is no spring chicklet. He entered the league in 1998 and just finished up his 19th season…

To be clear, playing sports at the professional level, especially a physically demanding sport like basketball, puts a lot of mileage on the ole body. And any player who’s made is 19 seasons in any pro sport is beyond road weary.

Carter also turned 40 this past January. In pro athlete years (which are kinda like dog years) 40 is akin to you and I shuffling into our “golden years” on a scuffed walker, whilst trying to dunk a basketball on a 12′ hoop.

But despite his age, Carter remains productive…

Carter became the first 40-year-old in NBA history to make six 3-point shots in a single game. He was also the first 40-year old to sink three 3-pointers in a single playoff game. And he’s under contract for next year and plans to keep playing.

Teammate, Mike Conley, a 29-year-old Allstar point guard, said of Carter: “When you feel tired, and then you see him hitting crazy, 360-windmill dunks in practice, at 40, you realize how hard you really have to work [to consistently succeed at a high level]…”

In essence, Carter keeps getting it done thanks to Grit + Grind (which happens to be the motto of his current Team, the Memphis Grizzles).

What Does All This Have to do With Your Business?

Running a small business is relentless. The demands are endless. The rewards, at times, are, well, less-than-rewarding. And there are moments when the whole affair can feel like a completely THANKLESS endeavor.

And when you throw marketing into the mix – a task that often feels onerous + fruitless – the entire situation can start to approach “the straw that broke the camel’s back” territory.

But when you’re feeling overwhelmed at the idea of… Mounting your next campaign, initiating another promotion, or launching your next round of prospecting, think of Mike Conley…

After 10 seasons, he dreams of making it another 10 seasons. Of achieving sustained success, resilience, and longevity of a player like Vince Carter.

Think of Vince Carter… Imagine forging a path doing what you love, at the helm of your own business, into your “golden years.”

And always remember… Long-term marketing success demands Grit + Grind.

What’s Next?

Running your own businesses can be a YUUUUUUUUUUGE challenge. Especially when it comes to marketing. So, what’s your biggest marketing challenge? Drop by my Google+ page and share a bit about what you’re currently struggling with.